Saturday, June 8, 2013

High Five! 5 Signs Burglars Look for Prior to Breaking Into Your Home

When many of us think of a burglar ...we might usually envision the image of a stereotypical ski-masked man dressed head to toe in black, crouched down, creeping in the dead of night, carrying a professional break-in artist's ideal toolkit.

But guess who is just as much a culprit of home burglary ?

The average-looking person dressed in average street clothes on your average workday, who could just as easily gain access to your residence via an unlocked door or a brick-induced hole in a glass door.

Check this out: Of the reported 2 million commercial and residential burglaries reported to the U.S. Department of Justice in 2009, most (61% to be exact) were forcible entry. 

If your home is invaded by thieves (or even just one crook), the financial losses you could experience are bad enough. 

The trauma from such an unforgettable incident for many burglary victims could even cause us to never again feel safe in our own neighborhood (or work environment).

What's important to know is this: Burglars look for, and sometimes create, specific characteristics and situations when choosing where and how to break in. 

Here are 5 signs prospective thieves look for when targeting a home break-in:

1) Plastic-wrapped phone books or neighborhood publications which have been left out in your driveway for days. This is a huge implication that homeowners have not been present at their residence.

2) A note left on your front door for a UPS/FedEx or packaged mail delivery. This is also another sign that "the lights are on, but no one's home."

3) Complete silence or signs of "everyday living" coming from inside your house. Without any sound (even a radio or TV left on could help in this situation) or visual detection of movement from the interiors of your property, burglars can assume you are away long enough to perform a mere 5-10 minute caper.

4) Lack of typical lighting in your home at night. If it appears dark within the confines of your house for multiple evenings (which is why The Bulldog Bar recommends lights with timers when you are away), robbers could see this as a "green light" to proceed with their plans to kick in your front door and take your valuables.

5)  Leaving your blinds open. While this is a common move we make in efforts to let natural light bleed through our brick & mortar walls, this can also present the opportunity for prowlers to scope out your valuables and actually see whether anyone is currently occupying your household.

While there's no specific time of day in which your home is immune from burglaries, we at The Bulldog Bar are aware that there are no standards of practice when it comes to how a burglar breaks in. 

With that in mind, the best way to handle burglars is to pre-empt their plans with proven preventive home security measures (such as investing in The Bulldog Bar products).

To find out about how you can better protect your family habitat from home burglary visit our web site at: .

Here's to "high fives all around..." with improved security for your loved ones as well as your house !
--The Bulldog Bar Squad

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